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Traveling with family

SAS aims to make traveling as straightforward and comfortable as possible. This is why we offer plenty of extra services to help you get from home to your destination in the best and happiest shape. For families, this can make a huge difference. Read on for suggestions on how to maximize your journey en famille.

The Multicultural family is traveling back and forth between Stockholm and Milan to visit relatives in both places. Jenny is seven and Ben is 18 months, and their parents want to make sure the family’s travels across Europe are as safe and simple as possible. 

Child Discounts

Since Ben is under two, he travels free or with a 90% discount (­depending on the destination) if he sits on his ­parents’ laps. If they decide they want the extra space, they can book a seat for him. Jenny gets up to 25% off since she’s under 12 and traveling with an adult.

SAS Plus

Ben and Jenny’s parents originally booked a Go ticket but decided to upgrade to SAS Plus for a small fee. Ben and Jenny’s parents decide to upgrade to SAS Plus for a small fee to enjoy access to Lounge, Fast Track, food & beverage onboard. Each member of the Multicultural family is a EuroBonus member, so Ben and Jenny also earn points on their travel. And in SAS Plus, everyone earns more points than in SAS Go.


Since they’ve upgraded to SAS Plus, Jenny’s parents can relax while she watches her favorite clips on ­You-Tube. And young Ben can sleep on the plane when Jenny is preoccupied.

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