From exclusive to inclusive – ticket prices now and then

When SAS first started in 1946, airfares were so high that air travel was out of reach for most people. Today, with planning, most people can afford a ticket to even the most far-flung destinations.

Ticket prices now and then

Stockholm–New York (one way)

Year: 1946 Price: SKR 2,075

Year: 2016 Price: SKR 3,799

Today, the 1946 price would be equivalent to SKr 43,130

Copenhagen–Paris (one way)

Year: 1946 Price: DKR 395

Year: 2016 Price: DKR 599

Today, the 1946 price would be equivalent to DKr 8,674

Oslo–London (one way)

Year: 1946 Price: NKr 420

Year: 2016 Price: NKR 549

Today, the 1946 price would be equivalent to NKr 8,269

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Air travel was a rare luxury for most people when SAS began operating in 1946. The first SAS passenger flight carried just 28 carefully selected guests, who were, of course, all very important people. At this time, price comparison companies and EuroBonus points did not exist. A ticket cost what it cost and that was the deal.

Today, you can buy a plane ticket for less than the cost of a pair of jeans (if you book well in advance) and flying has become accessible for almost everyone with an average income.

It may not look like prices are cheaper now, though, especially if you look at the actual figures for tickets over the years. But appearances can be deceiving. Here’s a list of some ticket prices now and then.

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